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invisable Me - The Filming

Here Jonathan Thorp is going "out of it" - such work would lead to solid characterisation later - probably not in a hot tub!

                          act4ward - August 2018

Simple story telling is the key - here in an early trial is Sonnyboy Skelton

in a storyboard style reading of "Charlie"     July 2017  - act4ward               


"Runaway" - actor SonnyBoy Skelton - act4ward August 2017

The filming - page 4


Nowadays, kids... young actors... they go straight to L.A. before they've even done anything.                                                                                                              Peter Capaldi

If you expect I long symnosis of the running order or content planned in invisable me then your going to be disappointed.

This cannot happen until casting is complete, as much of the final work will be written around the actors concerned,

At this juncture [called the start] I hope to work with act4ward actors to trial and build the early foundations & then in the Spring the hard work begins.

Various locations will be used with most planning and early work at The Station, or it's replacement,

I want the shooting style simple bur effective - I have it in my minds eye but open to input from those involved.

Simplicity is key - using shoot styles more in keeping with traditional film than modern cinema - but taking advantage of modern techniques when appropriate.

The main message is that the story rules not the technical backup.