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about invisable me

If you don't understand you

How can you expect others too?

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Invisable me began as a drama piece to encourage talking and interaction with autistic boys with written backup.

It was never filmed or performed outside private meetings.

In 2016 I began to form a plan to introduce it into the work of act4ward.

Sadly I lost one of the key actors at just the point I was about to go ahead and it was not until late 2017 that the invisable me website was born.

However it has taken until late 2018 to get to a stage where serious building can begin again.

This long gestation period has it's benefits.

Video work in act4ward has extended greatly and new eqiupment means that a high standard can be acheived.

And this is important because the major part of invisable me is film based.

Filming is planned to begin October 2018 and the completion is set for winter 2019.

It is a multi strand work using mixed media but the filming remains key.


Invisable me is made up of a whole series of scenarios from mental health, youth issues, autism and personal development.

Put like that it may seem cold and uninspiring - but that's where a good cast and strong story telling come in.

The aim is to keep things simple, and to ensure that the dark aspects are covered in a sensitive way, and that a comedic touch is evident whenever appropriate. 

Some scenes will push actors hard, but in my experience they love that .

Invisable me at this time covers boys of school age to youth  - so around a playing age of 14 -23.

I hope to use non established actors and even non actors wanting the chance to take part - they will be supported with appropriate backup from act4ward and other act4ward actors.

The whole point of invisable me is opportunity as with The Halfling Project - personal development and .opportunity.

Hopefully actors from act4ward will build up a strong acting base of support as well as performance with paid commisioned actors as cast.